Welcome to Advanced Fighting Systems --- Phil Dunlap's Asylum Training Center and Fight Gym

Asylum defined :

1. A sanctuary, or place of refuge , any place of retreat and security

2. A place for the mentally unbalanced or crazy


  Why the name The Asylum:  We call the gym the Asylum for several reasons, first and foremost because it is a safe place or sanctuary where you can test yourself and learn with like minded individuals. It's a place you go to train and improve with no ego's or attitudes.


 AFS and the Asylum is a Team or extended family where others help you meet your individual goals while doing the same themselves. Nobodies goal is any more important than anyone else's be it the professional fighter training for an upcoming fight, the law enforcement officer training for the job or the hobbyist training for fitness everyone is in it together.


 The other reason (a little on the lighter side) is because you have to be a little crazy to do this stuff and the gym is a giant padded room after all.   



                             "Since when is crazy a bad thing "