Class Structure -- Curriculum


At AFS we pride ourselves on providing good hard realistic training.


 The class is run like a traditional Burmese fight gym. Training consists  of technique practice, drilling and live sparring. You work with a resisting partner all the time  with the goal being that if you can do a move in class you can do it for real.


 Some people will be working Standup/Striking some working Ground/Submission it depends on the individuals in class. Beginners and experienced people work side by side.


 Class is very informal there are none of the trappings people associate with the martial arts. The feel is like   that of a boxing gym or wrestling  practice it 's more like a "TEAM" practice than a martial arts class. We train hard and have fun.


 You will get in better shape.  Fighters are the best conditioned athletes in  the world and training like  one takes your conditioning to the next level. You need the perfect balance of aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.


 You will learn to fight for real with techniques you know work when it counts  because there is no theory only the test of live practice. The techniques are proven and practiced live and under stress.


 There are always people to spar with as someone is always getting ready for some type of competition such as Mixed Martial Arts , Submission Grappling or Muay Thai fights. We do not push competing but support and  encourage those that choose to compete as it is a great way to learn about ones self.