Welcome to Advanced Fighting Systems and The Kachin System of the Burmese Martial Arts


We are in the process of reloading and updating the complete site and hope to have all the pages updated by  the end of November 2011.   We are in the  process of doing a lot of  new things at AFS.  Hopefully you will enjoy reading the material  and learning about a very unique and  effective fighting art. Please take the time to go to the discussion forum and give us your input, ask questions and introduce yourself.  I am really looking for feedback on the site  so let us know what you think.


Check the Forum for updates, news, and  upcoming events. We are planning several videos for those with a serious interest in learning the Kachin Style. The tapes WILL NOT  be a certify by mail deal they are for people that want to begin a long difficult journey of learning the Kachin Arts. The videos will be very reasonably priced and are aimed at building a serious student base among people that can not get to our location on a regular basis for training.


This site is a work in progress and there is some new information on all the pages with more to follow in the near future. Thanks in advance for your patience and enjoy.


AFS is dedicated to teaching Real World Self Defense, and preserving the Kachin Systems of Burmese Fighting arts .We hope to expose people to a unique fighting system through co-operation and friendship.


We dedicate this site and all our efforts to those who gave their lives willingly in an effort to preserve the things we take for granted. We also pay tribute to all indigenous people who fight for freedom such as the tribes of the Kachin State.