About AFS and the Kachin Style of Burmese Arts

Advanced Fighting Systems is dedicated to preserving and exposing  Martial Artists and the general public to the Kachin Systems of Burmese Arts.. 

The  Kachin Style is a 16 animal system, due in large part to the  Jinghpaws animistic tradition. The animal systems in Kachin martial arts  mentioned earlier are patterned after human attributes both physical and mental. It is believed that fighting must fit the individual nature and not that the individual fitting the system. For example the bull system is for a big strong aggressive person who is likes to dish out punishment and does not mind receiving it he will spend the bulk of his time if possible at a distance. The boar is a smaller quicker version of the bull who will attempt to get inside and work from clinching range. Basic Burmese Boxing (similar to the Thai style) comes from the Bull and Boar sets. The ground fighting in these sets are more an attempt to pin the enemy to the ground to strike. The takedown body weight drives through the opponents legs and torso along with twisting and lifting slams. There are several snake systems which are very supple and quick and relaxed, for example the python subset is grappling intensive with the striking goal being to stun the enemy and take him to the ground and finish him with the takedowns being mostly weight bearing some of the other systems are several based on cats and birds of prey, the scorpion system stressing pressure points, their is also a monk system (internal) and even a deer system who's primary objective is escape. 


Burmese arts tend to be very aggressive combat style arts. While the are adaptable for ring style sport their basis is the concept of life and death struggle.  They include techniques for stalking and attacking from behind ,biting and other techniques that would not apply to the sport arena. But the sport arena is also encouraged as it allows the practitioner the opportunity to use techniques at full speed and to get used to the conditioning required for combat and prepares the practitioner for the stress and punishment one needs to deal with. 

Due to the Jinghpaws lack of a written language of their own we use generic Burman terms such as Bando, Naban, Thaing etc.


English                            Burmese                               Kachin

No Rules Fighting             Thaing                                  Hkyen
Ground fighting                 Naban                                  Gamu hkyen
Burmese Boxing               Lethwei                                Htwi hkyen
Teacher/Master                Saya                                    Hkyen Bu (Can Bo)

My name is Phil Dunlap and I am the recognized lineage holder in the Kachin arts as passed to me by my Grandfather William "Wild Bill" O'Shaunessy an acupuncturist by training  who lived with and fought side by side with the Jinghpaw prior to and during  WW2 who through his action and deeds was made Jinghpaw and chosen lineage holder.


Advanced Fighting Systems is my way of passing the system and knowledge I was given to others and in doing so I hope to bring honor to the proud warriors who came before me. I have been involved in the Kachin Fighting arts since my early childhood and the system has a lot to do with who and what I am today. I have been given the tremendous responsibility of heading the system and guiding it into the next century. In keeping with this task I am beginning to make an effort to share this knowledge with outsiders as much as possible and the website